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Reduce Printing

Print management is all about knowing how much is being printed and when. This data is used to find areas of printing that can be cut back, saving both money and the environmental impact of printing. Reduce printing by having the data.

Wasted printing is a huge problem in any organisation, but it is an easy target to make financial savings. It can be as simple as denying multiple prints, forcing users to make a single print and then use a photocopier. You can budget by user, group or printer and force users to think about the cost before printing. Reduce printing by tracking printer usage and reporting on all print server activity.

Print Manager Plus®

Print Manager Plus® is the easiest way to reduce printing, and was developed to save you money by reducing printing.

The #1 out of the box print management solution, Print Manager Plus is simple to administer and setup allowing you to quickly reduce printing in your company/school.

There are various versions aimed at professional services, academics, libraries and governmental organisations, all of whom should reduce printing and costs.

Not only does Print Manager Plus help you reduce printing but it is an invaluable tool for security. By restricting printing, and tracking exactly who has printed what, it is easy to envelope printing under your organisation’s security protocols.

Reduce Printing Now!

Reduce printing now by downloading a free trial of Print Manager Plus. See for yourself how easy it is to reduce printing and save money. This product pays for itself, and is a must for any organisation.

Not only do you get the #1 print manager software, but also top support, updates and upgrades free for a year so it has never been easier to reduce printing costs.

Print Manager Plus®

In most large organizations, users waste money and resources by printing too much. Meanwhile, the printer manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for toner and services, all of which put a drain on your budget.

Print Manager Plus is the simplest and easiest way to audit all the printing going on in your entire company that puts you in control of this hidden cost.

Print Manager Plus® Academic & Non-Profit

Every day, millions of Students around the world waste tens of millions of dollars needlessly printing documents with no thought to what it costs! If killing all those trees wasn`t bad enough, print manufacturers charge you an arm and a leg for toner and services.

Print Manager Plus was created to put you in control of this hidden cost. It`s the simplest and easiest way to audit your printing, period.

Print Manager Plus® Client Billing & Authentication Option

In most professional services organizations, staff waste money by not charging back clients for printing expenses. Meanwhile, the printer manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for toner and services, all of which put a drain on your budget.

Print Manager Plus is the simplest and easiest way to chargeback your printing costs, period!

Print Manager Plus® WebAdvantage Suite Option

This complete Remote Web Based Printing and Release Station Kiosk allows users to remotely upload, print, resume or delete print jobs, purchase prints, or add credit from an innovative web based interface. It requires no additional hardware, i.e. Coin Boxes, Card Swipes, Proximity Badges, or other identification requirements, as authentication is used through existing network security measures. Create your own Private Printing Cloud today with ease.

Print Manager Plus® Reports Center Option

Now Control and View all of your print traffic online with Print Manager Plus 2010 Reports Center. Choose between a Standard and Professional Edition for your needs. Fully control and edit your reports over the web, Auto Import, Auto Email, Scheduling, Report Generation, Graph Generation, and many more features included.

What Customers Say

"As the IT manager for a national baby charity, our operating costs are a very strict part of my budget. Up until recently colour printing was not an affordable option for us, however once we moved into our new premises, part of our amazing corporate donation was 2 new HP colour laser jets (4600TDN & 5500DTN).

"...Print Manager Plus was recommended to me by an industry colleague and was promptly purchased & installed. It seemed a much better approach to bill departments and specific projects rather than physically restrict access to the devices are allow jobs through on an ad-hoc basis.

"...Finance are very pleased about this and the benefit back to everyone for working in this way is that all mono print jobs are free and paid for from central recourse. - everyone is happy...

"It is not often that a piece of software comes along that does exactly what it says on the tin but Print Manager Plus is a pleasant exception!"

- National Baby Charity (United Kingdom)

What Reviews Say

"PMP is a perfect complement to Windows' built-in printer management features... In larger organizations, though, the software licenses will tend to pay for themselves because organizations using Print Manager Plus will save money each month as excessive printing is gradually reduced."

- TechRepublic Review by Brien M. Posey MCSE

"Overall, I found Print Manager Plus very easy to install and manage. ...for schools, universities or facilities houses which charge for a service it could be a real boon. Recommendation is mandatory."

- PC-PRO Magazine Review by Jon Honeyball

Download and try the FREE 30 day trial now! See for yourself how Print Manager Plus will put you in control of printer management and costs.